Britney Spears Speaks About Having Early Acne Struggles

Britney Spears is getting candid about suffering from acne when she was younger.

The singer recently shared a backyard selfie on Instagram with a lengthy caption.

“When I was younger I never really had an acne problem until I did my first movie … I was so nervous to be on camera so I went to the dermatologist for stronger skincare products !!!” she admitted.

Britney added that while “it cleared up quickly” it is important that those who use these items are “careful because prescribed products are very strong !!!!”

Speaking on her first movie role at 21 in the 2002 comedy Crossroads, she recalled: “I remember waking up and saying wow 😳 it’s gone,” before giving “the sun credit for lifting my spirits and giving me a natural glow !!!!!”

Thanks for being honest, Britney! We’re sure lots of teenagers (and adults) can relate.