Princess Diana Was Asked if William Should Succeed the Queen, Here’s What She Said


Princess Diana had big dreams for her son, Prince William, long before her untimely death in 1997.

Two years before she died, in November 1995, she sat down with BBC1 Panorama for an interview giving her side of the story about her divorce from Prince Charles.

William was 13 at the time, and journalist Martin Bashir asked Diana if she believed her son should succeed Queen Elizabeth as monarch.

“Do you think it would make more sense in the light of the marital difficulties that you and the Prince of Wales have had if the position of monarch passed directly to your son Prince William?” he asked.

Diana replied, “Well, then you have to see that William’s very young at the moment, so do you want a burden like that to be put on his shoulders at such an age? So I can’t answer that question.”

“Would it be your wish that when Prince William comes of age that he were to succeed the Queen rather than the current Prince of Wales?” Martin followed up.

“My wish is that my husband finds peace of mind, and from that follows others things, yes,” Diana said.

In April 2018, Queen Elizabeth publicly backed Prince Charles as the next leader and formally asked the Commonwealth Heads of Government to appoint him as her successor of the association of Britain and its former colonies.

Whatever happens after the Queen’s death, it’s clear that — one day — William will take the throne. As for exactly how it happens, that’s yet to be seen.

All things happen the way they’re supposed to happen!