Britney Spears’s Brother Speaks Out About Her Conservatorship Case

Britney Spears has been going through a private battle in regards to her conservatorship.

Now, the singer’s older brother, Bryan, recently spoke with As NOT Seen on TV Podcast‘s Drew Plotkin about her ongoing court case.

“She’s been in this thing for quite some time now. Obviously there was a need for it in the beginning,” he said.

Britney’s conservatorship was first placed in 2008 with their father being named the permanent conservator of her affairs and attorney Andrew Wallet the permanent co-conservator of her estate.

“Now they’ve made some changes and all we can do is hope for the best,” he said, adding that the conservatorship has “been a great thing for our family, to this point, and [we] keep hoping for the best.”

Britney’s dad, Jamie, suffered a life-threatening colon rupture in late 2018.

Bryan said that his dad has “done the best he could, given the situation he was put in,” and recalled how “we’ve had to work together as a family to keep it all going. One person might be on stage and doing this, but it’s a sacrifice from everybody. Everyone is putting in, to some degree, a little bit to keep everything going.”

Jamie stepped down as the permanent conservator in September 2019. We hope everything ends well.