James Franco Once Asked Amber Heard About Bruises From Johnny Depp’s Alleged Assault

It was revealed in court that James Franco allegedly asked Amber Heard “what the f–k” happened to her face after she claimed Johnny Depp threw a phone at her.

According to reports, James visited Amber at her Los Angeles penthouse in 2016, the day after the fight occurred.

“We were talking. He was saying to me ‘oh my god, what happened to you?” she said. “[James] saw my face… when I let him in. He saw my face and he said ‘what the f–k?’”

In photos of the specific assault, Amber is red and slightly swollen. Johnny denies ever doing such a thing.

One of Johnny’s attorneys, Eleanor Laws, said that Isaac Baruch, a pal of his who lived in the building, saw Amber “without any injuries” the same day James visited.

“I don’t know what Mr. Baruch saw,” Amber told the court.

This evidence is mounting up to be just as intriguing as any Hollywood movie. Right? We hope the truth comes out and justice is served, one way or another.