Keke Palmer Confirms She Was Not Fired From ‘GMA’

Keke Palmer is clearing the air about why she’s no longer on Good Morning America.

The actress spoke out on Instagram to confirm that she was not fired from the ABC morning show for recently supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I want to speak on this simply because I hate the narrative that if you speak your mind as a [Black] person that you will in some way be punished,” she began. “I have seen this going around and at first I ignored but in this climate I realized this is a dangerous message to send to our generation and the generation coming up.”

Keke joined the third-hour block of GMA with Michael Strahan and Sara Haines for Strahan, Sara & Keke last year. But the show has since been sidelined because of the pandemic coverage.

In recent months, Keke has been outspoken against police brutality and racial injustices, having attended several George Floyd protests.

“If anything,” she continued, “my speaking out showed the corporations I work with how important my voice is and anyone that has a POV. The reality is I was never signed to [Strahan, Sara & Keke] as one would a seasonal show. This business is dynamic and instead of thinking of me as a ‘series regular’ … see me as a brand that works with the corporation Disney/ABC News and this particular show I was on is no longer.”

We love you, Keke.