New York City Paints ‘Black Lives Matter’ Outside Trump Tower

We saw this coming.

A Black Lives Matter art installation is under way outside of Trump Tower in New York City.

This morning, the NYC Department of Transportation reportedly blocked off Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th streets in front of Trump Tower so that painting on the project could start, according to local TV station WPIX.

The roadway will be closed until Sunday.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, though. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to paint “Black Lives Matter” outside the property last week.

“Painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ outside his home is a message to him that Black lives, in fact, do matter,” he said at the time, according to WLNY. “In fact, that Black people built New York City, that they’ve never been compensated for all they did; that all the mistakes, the sins, everything in American history that has afflicted Black people have not been accounted for and must be accounted for — something he does not understand.”

Well, we certainly are looking forward to seeing the finished product.