Demi Moore’s Sexy New Podcast ‘Dirty Diana’

Demi Moore is pushing the envelope with her new scripted podcast Dirty Diana, which explores the world of female erotica.

In the exclusive trailer for Dirty Diana, provided by QCODE, Demi’s character asks her husband, “What’s happened to us?” to which he responds, “We used to have great sex.”

The trailer points out that “every marriage struggles,” before documenting the sexy ways in which spouses try to make it over the hump.

The six-episode series portrays sex and longing from a female gaze, with female pleasure at its center, according to a review at People magazine.

The podcast also stars Betsy Brandt, Mackenzie Davis, Carmen Ejogo, Max Greenfield, Dayo Okeniyi, Penelope Ann Miller, John Tenney, Rhys Wakefield, Lesley Ann Warren and Dolly Wells and features with cameos from Gwendoline Christie, Chris Diamontopolus, Lena Dunham, Melanie Griffith, Ava Grey, Andrea Riseborough, Rosa Salazar, Lili Taylor and Lesley Ann Warren.

We don’t know about you… but we’re ALL IN! Check out more info HERE.