Mike Tyson Says He Was Drunk and High While Filming ‘The Hangover’

Mike Tyson is reflecting back on his guest appearance in the film The Hangover.

Apparently, he was drunk and high on drugs when he first met the cast the night before shooting — and he didn’t even know he’d be filming with them the next day.

“I met the guys in a club, they were in the VIP section and I said, ‘This is where I normally sit, nobody’s normally here,'” he said.

“So I went in there, I’m checking these guys to see what they’re doing in my section. It was Zach, the other guy, and he said, ‘We’re going to be in a movie with you’ and I said, ‘Yeah? When?’ And he said, ‘Tomorrow,’” Mike recalled.

“And I didn’t know as I was drinking and smoking back then, doing drugs so I didn’t know I was involved in the movie. So eventually I had to go and do the movie and it was a success.“

Of course, Mike played himself in the 2009 blockbuster, and it became of the year’s biggest films.

Watch his confession below: