Dylan McDermott & Patti LuPone’s Sex Scene Was Cut Out of ‘Hollywood’

In a new interview with Schön! magazine, Dylan McDermott spoke out about his sex scene with Patti LuPone in Netflix’s Hollywood.

Apparently, their scene never saw the light of day.

“My sex scene with Patti LuPone was cut because it was too hot for TV,” he quipped.

In the series, Dylan plays Ernie West, a man who oversees a sex work operation. Patti plays Avis Amberg, a studio exec known to frequent Ernie’s operation. (If you catch our drift.)

“He had an optimism and a joy that was completely infectious. Honestly, I didn’t want to stop being him,” Dylan added of Ernie. “The lesson I learned from playing Ernie in Hollywood is to enjoy every minute of your life because ‘we’re all headed for the ol’ dirt pile.’”

Haha! Well, we’re sure the scene is somewhere in the Netflix volts!