Sacha Baron Cohen Crashed Right-Wing Event, Disguised as a Racist Country Singer

OMG we’re dying! Lol.

Sacha Baron Cohen apparently crashed a right-wing event in Washington, posing as a racist country singer.

According to reports, the comic encouraged the crowd to chant along to lyrics about liberals getting “chopped up” or “injected with the Wuhan flu.”

Dressed in denim dungarees and a cowboy hat, Sacha crashed the “Three Percenters” militia group by producing a last-minute big-money donation, Page Six reports. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the Three Percenters as an anti-government militia group.

Apparently, he later took to the stage and got some of the audience to chant along with extreme lyrics. Organizers said that Sacha’s team of armed security guards stopped them from pulling the plug on him.

Sacha also sang about “Chinese people,” singing that they should “nuke them up like in World War II.”

“Hillary Clinton, what we gonna do? Lock her up like we used to do,” he sang — while joking that Bill Gates’ manhood was “micro soft.”

When organizers finally rushed the stage, the prankster and his entourage fled in a waiting ambulance that pretended to be on an emergency call.

Um… all we can say is… how does he do it?!

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