Lisa Rinna Slams QVC Viewers For Calling For Her to Be Fired Because She’s Liberal

Listen, Lisa Rinna is super political and we’d better just get used to it!

Lisa spoke out on her Instagram Story this week after critics she described as “Karens” allegedly complained to QVC, then tried to get her Lisa Rinna Collection booted from the network because of her political beliefs.

“I am sad to report it would now seem I can’t use my platform to inform or question or say how I feel politically because the ‘Karens’ have bombarded QVC begging them to fire me and saying they will no longer buy my clothes,” she wrote.

“It is a shame that I must be muzzled in order to support my family but that is just what it is. Remember you know how I feel. Use your voice and vote.”

She later made a post on her Instagram Story filled with stickers that said “QUEER,” “PROUD TO BE PROUD,” “BLACK TRANS LIVES MATTER,” and “THIS FIGHT AIN’T OVER.”

Clearly, Lisa is a liberal and she is not apologizing!

“I will be on the right side of history and in the end THAT IS WHAT MATTERS MOST,” she wrote.

Oh hell yes! You know we’re buying from the Lisa Rinna Collection now. LOL!