Jussie Smollett’s Alleged ‘Attackers’ Are Now Refusing to Testify

The two brothers who claimed Jussie Smollett had paid them to stage an attack against the actor are now reportedly unwilling to testify.

According to reports, Chicago Police allege Abel and Ola Osundario were paid $3,500 to attack Jussie in what the actor claimed was a racist and homophobic attack against him back in January 2019.

The pair was originally going to fully cooperate and testify, but now their lawyer told Chicago’s CBS affiliate yesterday that they’ve had a change of heart.

Attorney Gloria Schmidt Rodriguez said the two feel as if police are still treating them as suspects and are withholding possessions they had taken from them during a February 2019 raid of their home.

“It’s been over a year and they need to give us our stuff back,” Abel told the station. “I would understand if we were defendants in the case, which we are not.”

Cops had swiped a safe containing a 9mm gun and ammunition that belongs to Abel, a legal gun owner.

An administrative battle over the possessions is continuing, outside of Jussie’s lawsuit.

Hm… well to be honest, we totally get their frustration. Give them their stuff back, Chicago!