Sherri Shepherd Was Apparently Never Invited Back to ‘Friends’ After This Comment

The truth about Friends is coming out!

Sherri Shepherd revealed that she once sent the co-creator of the beloved show a tongue-in-cheek card about the show’s lack of diversity.

Sherri’s best friend, Jawn Murray, said that the move marked her first and last appearance on the show.

“Sherri was one of the few black faces that was on Friends,” Jawn told ABC News’s Linsey Davis. “Her, Aisha Tyler and Gabrielle Union. And Sherri was on Friends at a time that you sent out postcards to let people know, ‘Hey, I’m going to be on TV.'”

Apparently, Sherri wrote on her postcard: “‘Friends’ get a little color.”

According to Jawn, Sherri sent that postcard to Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, and after she got the postcard, Sherri was never asked back on the show.

Just last week, Marta admitted to not doing enough to champion diversity on the show at the virtual ATX Television Festival this month.

“Now, all I can think about is, what can I do, what can I do differently? How can I run my show in a new way? That’s something I wish I knew when I started show-running,” she said.

Hm… well if Sherri had issues, we’re sure other actors did as well. We’ll be waiting for more confessions in the coming weeks (you know they’re coming!).