Bette Midler’s Daughter Got Married!

Pandemic be damned!

Sophie von Haselberg, daughter of Bette Midler, tied the knot this week.

Sophie, who hosts the Having A Night podcast, shared a playful photo from her wedding day where her groom is seen smearing a bit of cake atop her nose.

“In the midst of COVID, a piece of $h!t president, and the power and poignancy of the Black Lives Matter movement, I got married,” the newlywed announced. “Because honestly, WHY NOT. It’s great to have cake smeared on your face by someone you love! And hot DAMN do I love this man!”

Of course, Bette also shared in the fun!

“My daughter (Sophie von Haselberg) got married over the holiday last weekend,” Bette shared on social medial. “It was a pandemic wedding, a very small wedding, and her husband, her new husband, hasn’t had a haircut in three months. So she looked online on how to cut hair and she gave him a pretty good haircut. I mean, that is the world we are living in now.”

Congrats Sophie!!