Anderson Cooper Remembers Late Mother Gloria Vanderbilt

It’s been a year since Gloria Vanderbilt passed away. Now, Anderson Cooper is remembering his late mother.

On Wednesday, the CNN host paid tribute to Gloria, who died June 17, 2019, of cancer at the age of 95.

“My mom, @gloriavanderbilt, died one year ago today,” he captioned a photo of Gloria sitting next to an easel. 

“She had an extraordinary and indomitable spirit, grit, determination, passion, and vulnerability. She experienced great love and horrific tragedies, but she never lost her almost childlike optimism; her openness to the world around her. She chose to remain vulnerable,” he continued. 

“Others would have closed off their hearts, protected themselves. My mom wanted to see and hear and feel everything….and that is exactly what she did,” said Anderson. “Bravo, Mom, Bravo. @gloriavanderbiltstudio @gloriavanderbilt (photo credit @joshgaddy).”

We love you, Anderson. We know she’s proud!