Netflix’s Steamy Movie ‘365 DNI’ Drew A Lot of Opinions on Twitter…

Well, turns out being held hostage doesn’t exactly turn most people on. Who knew?

A Polish film 365 DNI dropped on Netflix this week, and according to Page Six, some are finding the relationship between the lead characters akin to a disturbing form of Stockholm syndrome.

The film itself is about Sicilian Mafia boss Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) and luxury hotel sales director Laura Biel (Anna Maria Sieklucka). Ultimately, Massimo kidnaps Laura while she’s on a birthday trip in Sicily and keeps her hostage in his villa.

Apparently, she has one year to fall in love with him and there are many sexually explicit scenes.

Some folks had a lot to say on Twitter about it. See for yourself below.

To be honest, this is making us want to see the movie even more!