‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Was Apparently Kicked Out of a 2016 Trump Fundraiser by Secret Service

So… bombshell of the year? (maybe)

Jeff Lowe, a business partner-turned-enemy of Tiger King star Joe Exotic told People magazine that Joe once paid $1,000 to attend a fundraiser for Donald Trump in Moore, Oklahoma, in 2016.

However, his attendance didn’t last long.

“The Secret Service there thought Joe posed a potential threat,” Jeff said, adding that Joe was “forcibly removed.”

“He thought he was going to rub shoulders with Donald Trump. And when Secret Service realized who he was, they removed him from the party,” he said.

According to People, Joe told an Oklahoma City website at the time that when he went to the fundraiser, he was told he couldn’t return.

“I made it through the second security stop and Secret Service threw me out,” he said at the time. “They didn’t give me an excuse other than ‘once you leave, you cannot come back in’ — it don’t matter how much money you pay. And they refused to give me my money back.”

Ouch! Read more at People magazine.