Gyms And Other Brands Pull Out of CrossFit After CEO’s Racist Tweet

Companies are in a fit of rage with CrossFit after its CEO Greg Glassman tweeted a racist remark about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.

The tweet came after the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation shared a statement on Twitter about the movement and why “racism is a public health issue.”

That’s when Greg replied, “It’s FLOYD-19.”

Of course, he was referencing the protests that began after the death of George Floyd who was killed by a white police officer and comparing it to the pandemic.

His tweet didn’t sit well with thousands of CrossFit gym members, owners, professional athletes and many of the brands that have long been affiliated with CrossFit.

In fact, Reebok said they would drop their affiliation once their contract ends this year.

Well, we guess you reap what you sow.