Kim Kardashian Pays For Protester’s Medical Bills After She Got Shot By Rubber Bullet

Kim Kardashian is giving money to a young woman who was shot with a rubber bullet by police while protesting.

“This is heartbreaking and so disturbing,” Kim wrote alongside a graphic photo of the woman that was shot. “Does anyone know how I can get in contact with her? I would love to help her with her medical care if she needs it.”

The woman in the photograph is Shannyn Sharyse Nara. She posted multiple videos of protests to Facebook.

“As many of you saw last night I protested and at the end of one my videos you can see the aftermath of me taking a rubber bullet or something straight to the head,” Shannyn posted. “My forehead has a chunk out of it and the doctors couldn’t even stitch it because of the debris. My right eye is swollen and took an hour before I could open it. Both of my eyes are messed up from debris that got trapped in them and I have to use numbing drops just to be able to open them.”

She also posted pictures to Twitter, which quickly went viral.

No word on if Kim has actually made contact with her to pay her medical bills, but something tells us it will not be that hard.

Please stay safe out there, everyone.