Kevin Hart’s Message to Police in Wake of Nationwide Protests

Kevin Hart is getting real in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the growing violent riots across the country.

The actor recently shared several tweets calling for the arrest of all four of the Minneapolis police officers fired after George’s killing.

“You can’t ask for peace if your not willing to give JUSTICE….people want JUSTICE,” he wrote. “It’s that simple….Throw all of those cops in jail NOOOOOWWW. That’s taking action….Point blank!!!! This is what we want to see…..JUSTICE.”

In another tweet, added, “Be apart of the conversation of change….we want and need change. The system is flawed and needs to be corrected. The police need to be policed….we need laws in place that will give us the safety that we as people deserve. Stop ignoring the PROBLEM.”

He later added, “I see this narrative being changed and I want to make sure that we are all aware of the WHY….this is happening because of Hatred in our country….This is Racism….People are sick & tired of being treated this way. We are tired of watching our own die this way.”

“This is not about RIOTING & LOOTING,” he said. “Do not let that become the narrative…..This is about social injustice….THIS IS ABOUT THE UNFAIR TREATMENT THAT PEOPLE OF COLOR HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH YEEEAAAARRRRSSS!!!!! THATS WHAT THIS IS ABOUT…”

Thank you for being vocal, Kevin. We need you.