YouTuber Jake Paul Explains a Video of Him Alongside Looters in Arizona

YouTuber Jake Paul is getting a lot of attention after being spotted in a crowd of looters at an Arizona mall.

During the street riots, which took place in many cities across the nation over the weekend as a protest against police brutality, Jake is seen wearing a mask, TMZ reported.

At one point in the video, one of the protesters launches fireworks at the building’s entrance.

“Bunch of f–king idiots, bro,” a man’s voice is heard saying, pointing to police outside the mall. “Literally, I walked right here, right up to there.”

According to Us Weekly, it is unclear if the voice is Jake’s or Andrew Blue’s, who recorded the footage.

The voice continued: “These f–king idiots teargassed me. I ain’t doing s–t, bro. Look at them pointing guns at me. Look at them. Twenty guns on me. Twenty guns on me right now.”

Jake is later seen inside the mall with over a dozen others. While he isn’t seen doing any damage, others are seen in the video running with merchandise.

Jake later took to Twitter to explain the video, specifically to address that he was peacefully protesting prior to the video.

Well, it’s certainly an unnerving time in our country. We hope Jake and everyone else is staying safe.