Alicia Silverstone Says a Healthy Diet Has Made Her Son More ‘Calm’

Alicia Silverstone is apparently crediting a semi-vegan diet for her 9-year-old son Bear’s good discipline.

“I can tell you that from the get-go, I think of him as a brown rice baby because I ate brown rice when he was conceived, when he was in my belly and when he was on my boob, and now he eats brown rice,” the actress told Us Weekly. “The centering, grounding energy of that nourishment in his organs has left him such a calm boy.”

The star welcomed Bear in May 2011 with her then-husband, Christopher Jarecki (The pair divorced in 2018).

 “I don’t have to yell or scream or discipline. None of that is necessary,” she explained of Bear. “All I have to do is say, ‘Oh, Bear, no thank you,’ and he goes, ‘OK, mom.’ He’s got it.”

What a mom!