Kelly Ripa Says ‘All My Children’ Changed the Trajectory of Her Life

Who doesn’t love Kelly Ripa?

Recently, Kelly opened up about her time on All My Children. Of course, the actor-turned-talk-show host played Hayley Vaughan on the long-running soap opera back in the ’90s.

While joining other cast members for a virtual reunion as part of Entertainment Weekly’s #UnitedAtHome series, she spoke about how the job changed her life.

“I wasn’t like everybody else on this panel,” she explained. “Everybody else had jobs and careers and they were professional actors. I truly moved to New York and I was working at the Toy Fair and I auditioned sort of on a whim. I was originally dropping off other people’s headshots, because [that was] my side hustle.”

“I got like, six callbacks and two screen tests, ’cause they were really sure they wanted me,” she continued. “And I wound up getting the job. But it was really… I mean, talk about happy accidents. It really was a happy accident. It changed my life. It changed my entire life. Not just my acting life, but changed the whole trajectory of my life.”

Kelly also revealed a little bit about her character’s name.

“Her original name was Hayley Wells and then they said, ‘The character sounds too much like Hayley Mills so we’re changing her name to Hayley Vaughan,'” she explained. “I was like, ‘I don’t know who anybody is you just mentioned, so I’ll go with it.”

Haha! Gotta love Kelly’s realness, right? We’re always going to miss Hayley.