Christopher Nolan is a Big Fan of the ‘MacGruber’ Series

NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, is about to take over TV!

The service will soon be premiering MacGruber, a continuation of Will Forte’s film MacGruber, based on the Saturday Night Live character favorite.

In a recent Vanity Fair interview, the film’s director Jorma Taccone explained that they even recruited famed director Christopher Nolan to join the fun.

“I invited Christopher Nolan to the pilot read-through. And he sent the best f—ing email,” Jorma said. “It’s kind of stellar. It was such an amazing way to start the read-through.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Christopher’s email read: “Though I can’t be there in person to watch you take the first step of your odyssey — know that my spirit soars with you, and whilst it’s perhaps unfair to add to the great sense of responsibility you must already feel, I am duty-bound to tell you—the world is waiting, the world is watching.”

LOL! How cool is that?