NFL Player Sues United Airlines For Allegedly Being Groped by Fellow Passenger

According to CNN, an unidentified NFL player is suing United Airlines, claiming that he and another male passenger were sexually harassed and assaulted.

The player also claimed that employees on the plane did not do enough about it, despite their complaints.

The NFL player and the other male passenger are seeking “unspecified compensatory damages and punitive damages,” according to People.

According to the complaint, the two men were sharing a row with an allegedly intoxicated female passenger. They claim the woman made “unwanted sexual advances” on them, according to

After supposedly making three complaints to flight staff, the woman was finally given a “verbal warning.”

But after that warning, the woman allegedly groped the NFL player’s genitals. She also ripped off a mask the athlete had been wearing to protect himself from COVID-19.

When he got up to complain, the woman allegedly went on to grope the other man, too.

Jesus! So much groping and nothing more than a warning? Well we’ll see how this pans out in court.