Debra Messing is Down For a ‘Smash’ Reboot

Um, we’re all in for this one!

Debra Messing recently shared that she’s all about a Smash reboot, but with one condition: it needs to be in New York City!

During a virtual cast reunion event, Bombshell in Concert, Debra got real honest.

Smash is one of the things I’m most proud of,” she said, “you know, the fact that we were able to bring Broadway to middle America to people who will never have the money to be able to travel to me work and to actually sit in the theater.”

“I was so grateful that we were doing it and to be a part of it and our cast was so exquisite,” she said, adding, “I’m constantly asked [about a reboot] especially [because] I was on a reboot [Will & Grace]… And I’m like, ‘If it’s in New York, I’m in.'”

So are we, Debra!

H/T: People