Rosie O’Donnell Did a Zoom Call With Former ‘Rosie’ Show Staffers

It’s a reunion!

Rosie O’Donnell recently had a virtual get-together with staffers from her former daytime show The Rosie O’Donnell Show over the weekend.

“There were about 47 people on the Zoom, and Rosie popped on about an hour into it and everyone went wild when they saw her. She seemed pleased as punch to see everyone together,” a source told Page Six.

Comic Joey Kola, who was Rosie’s warm-up act, pulled out memorabilia from the show.

“He got teary-eyed talking about all the memories, and how Rosie made his career as a stand-up comedian. A lot of people were getting weepy about how much she meant to them and changed their lives,” an insider told the outlet.

Rosie also gave kudos to Amy Weinblum, who was an intern on the show and went on to work for Oprah Winfrey as chief of staff.

“One thing that was brought up a lot was the nursery,” the source added. “She was the first talk show host to make sure that any staff who had kids wouldn’t have to worry about day care. She had her own day care center set up at 30 Rock, so even though you were a mom in showbiz, you didn’t have to choose.”

Aw wow! All these Zoom calls have us thinking: Would you be down to do a Zoom call with your former bosses?

LOL! Well, if your former boss is Rosie, count us in!