NeNe Leakes Isn’t Sure if She’s Returning to ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Say it isn’t so!

According to a new interview in People magazine, NeNe Leakes may be closing the door on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, revealing that she’s undecided about returning for its upcoming 13th season.

“I don’t know. I just don’t know,” she explained. “I got back and forth with it every day. I feel like it’s a big conversation I need to have with the network and with production. Because if they value their talent in some sort of way, then we need to talk. We need to come up with some sort of compromise here.”

“This time, being quarantined has really made me appreciate a lot of things about my life anyway,” she added. “I keep saying to people, ‘I want my life back.’ I can’t have these girls fighting with me on TV for no reason anymore. I’ve got to move forward. And if that’s all you want from me, I have to move on and I got to go. Me and my wig got to leave, honey.”

It was a pretty rough season for NeNe last year. She had super big beefs with all her cast members.

At one point, she had to be restrained from a potential physical fight with Kenya Moore! In other instances, she’s got into such vicious fights with other cast members that she had to close her laptop and walk away.

“I’m still human,” she said to People. “It’s not okay, sitting and being attacked over and over by the same people about nothing. It stresses me out. I am sensitive, I am. If that’s all these girls have the time to do, then production needs to get some new people on the show. Because why are you guys still focused on me over here? Why do you bother me like this? Leave me alone, child. Let me just be over here by myself. Why do you bother me like this? It doesn’t make sense. Why do they argue with me every time they see me?”