LOL! Bill Murray Does Interview From His Bathtub

Bill Murray is clearly having an OK time during quarantine.

The funny man recently gave an interview with Jimmy Kimmel over video chat while sitting in his bathtub.

“I’m drawing my tub now, and I’m having a little difficulty because getting the right temperature is always a problem for me,” he told Jimmy. “For the purposes of today, it’s kind of a celebration. Because I haven’t seen you in a while, I thought a bubble bath would be appropriate. But you know how it is with bubbles, you can’t snap your fingers and make them. They just come when they come.”

Then, the comedian offered quarantine advice to viewers, which included at-home haircuts.

“I cut my own hair,” he said. “I do it myself. And it looks better than… I mean, it needs a little cleaning up.”

No words can describe how much we love this. LOL!