Prince Harry and Prince William Are Speaking Again

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

Together again!

While Prince William and Prince Harry are rumored to have tension between them since Harry chose to depart from his royal duties alongside his wife Meghan Markle, reports are saying that they’ve rekindled their relationship.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that the brothers have gotten back in touch since Harry and his family moved to Los Angeles.

“There have been clearly some quite major rifts in that relationship, but things have got better and I know that William and Harry are in touch on the phone,” she said to the outlet. “They have done video calls together, they have done a lot of family birthdays and I think with Prince Charles not being well, that really forced the brothers to pick up the phone and get back in touch.”

After their dad Prince Charles fought off COVID-19, the royals felt it was the “right time” to reconnect, Katie told ET. The same can be said for Meghan and Kate Middleton.

“I think there is a sense of relief on both sides that this high drama is now a thing of the past,” she said. “The Sussexes are free to get on with their new lives [and] the Cambridges can get back to their old lives without all the upset and drama that was clearly a big deal behind the scenes. I think Kate and William miss Harry and Meghan to a degree, but certainly they miss Harry [being] around and part of their lives.”

Nothing like a pandemic to bring a family closer, right?