Jennifer Lopez’s Chef Reveals The Foods She Stocks in Her Kitchen

Jennifer Lopez’s chef, Kelvin Fernandez, recently shared with Us Weekly the kinds of food she likes (and doesn’t).

“I know Jennifer doesn’t love salmon, so if I’m cooking salmon for the [table], I always got to do a sea bass or a halibut or cod for Jennifer because she’s just not a fan of the texture and the taste of salmon,” Kelvin said.

He added, “So those are just things that you learn over time. I can’t remember the amount of times that I would have to ask over and over again about dietary restrictions and allergies just because you don’t want to mess up, even though you know.”

He also noted that everyone in the family has their own tastes. 

J.Lo doesn’t like berries, for example, a snack that her 12-year-old twins, Emme and Max, love. Still, the family’s fridge is always well-stocked with the fruits.

“Sparkling water, always fruits and vegetables, like strawberries, even though Jennifer is not a big fruit person,” he said. “The kids love their fresh berries. There’s always greens like spinach, cucumber and celery to make green juice. They love starting their day with a green juice. Eggs is always the biggest one. Turkey bacon is always the biggest one.”

“I think the most important thing is that the pantry is always stocked, the fridge is always stocked,” he added. “The team does a very good job. I think what the most important thing is Jennifer and Alex love consistency, so the team does a great job following that up.”

Given that she looks this fabulous in her 50s, we’ll have what she’s having!