Billy Bush Says ‘Access Hollywood’ Scandal Made Him a Better Man

It’s always nice to look back, eh?

Well, Billy Bush is OK with looking back at the event that got him fired from the Today show in 2016, the infamous Access Hollywood tape.

Apparently, Billy says he’s become a better person since the incident.

“I’m a much nicer person. I’m much more curious about other people’s experiences,” he told Dennis Quaid on his The Dennissance podcast. “I only take the good out of it at this point.”

In case you forgot: in October 2016, behind-the-scenes video footage from 2005 was released of Billy laughing alongside Donald Trump when Trump claimed women let him “grab ’em by the p–y.”

“It’s such an ugly moment,” Billy added. “Yeah you want to delete it, of course you want to delete it but you can’t and it’s out there for the world to consume. It’s humiliating, it’s embarrassing, it’s s–tty. There’s no denying the moment is a terrible moment.”

“I don’t even remember that ending part,” he said. “That famous line, never recalled it. When I heard it, I heard it for the first time because I don’t think it ever landed on me.”

Well at least he’s been doing some deep introspection, right?