Cardi B’s Salty Message to Her Fans in Georgia

Cardi B is super political now.

The rapper recently gave her stance about why she thinks it’s too early for the state of Georgia to reopen, after the governor announced that salons, gyms, and bowling alleys would be back in business on Friday.

Cardi said that they would likely die alone in “a cold hospital” and called for “health over capitalism,” in a heated Instagram post, according to Page Six.

“[Hospitals] are not nurturing COVID [patients] with the proper foods tea to boost their immunes [sic],” she wrote. “Your parents, grandparents or you will most likely pass by yourself in a cold hospital with no physical contact with your loved ones. HEALTH OVER CAPITALISM!”

Of course, the Bronx native recently moved to Atlanta with husband Offset and daughter Kulture, so she certainly is valid in her concern.

We share your worries, Cardi!