Tom Brady Cited For Working Out in a Closed Tampa, Florida Park

Tom Brady was seen working out in a Tampa Bay park that is currently closed due to the pandemic, according to the city’s mayor.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said that one of the city’s park staff members approached the NFL star to tell him that the park is no longer open. Tom recently signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“You didn’t hear this from me, but our parks are closed now, and so a lot of our park staff, they patrol around just to make sure that people [are following the rules],” Jane said Monday during a conversation with St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman, according to People magazine.

She said one of the park staff members “saw an individual working out in one of our downtown parks. She went over to tell him it was closed, and it was Tom Brady.”

It is unclear if the Super Bowl champion was actually ticketed or simply given a warning, but at least he’s being made into an example.

Even Tom Brady can’t beat these closures. Stay home, kids!