Prince Harry Spoke to Queen Elizabeth II About Dropping His Surname

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

It’s just Harry…. for now.

According to Us Weekly, the prince is “not planning to officially drop his Mountbatten-Windsor title legally,” but he doesn’t plan to actively use his royal title or surname.

“The bottom line is, he prefers to keep it casual and be known as ‘Harry,’” a source told the outlet.

Earlier this month, Harry ditched his royal title and surname while registering his new eco-friendly tourism organization. That prompted many folks to accuse him of dismissing his family’s legacy.

According to the source, however, Harry “reassured” Queen Elizabeth II that his decision is “not a personal dig.”

Well that’s good to hear! Honestly, did we think for a second that the Queen was personally offended? (She’s Queen, after all!)

Bravo to you, Harry. Looks like you’re one of the people now.