Kanye West is Not Hiding the Fact That He’s Voting for Trump

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

Nothing will stop Kanye West from getting out and voting, and we all know damn well for who.

In a new interview with GQ, the rapper opened up about his plans for the 2020 presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“I will not be told who I’m gonna vote on because of my color,” he told the magazine. “I’m definitely voting this time. And we know who I’m voting on.”

He added, “Both my parents were freedom fighters, and they used to drink from fountains they were told they couldn’t drink from, and they used to sit in restaurants where they were told they couldn’t eat from. They didn’t fight for me to be told by white people which white person I can vote on.”

Of course, Kanye has experienced backlash for supporting Trump throughout the 2016 election and during his presidency. But he doesn’t give a F anymore!

“I’m not going to be told by the people around me and the people that have their agenda that my career is going to be over. Because guess what: I’m still here! Jesus Is King was No. 1!” he said.

“I was told my career would end if I wasn’t with [Hillary Clinton]. What kind of campaign is that, anyway?” he added to GQ. “That’s like if Obama’s campaign was ‘I’m with black.’ What’s the point of being a celebrity if you can’t have an opinion? Everybody make their own opinion! You know?”

Oh Kanye… God help us.