Ali Wentworth Reunites With Her Family After 16 Days of Isolation

Ali Wentworth was in self-isolation for 16 days when her husband George Stephanopoulos revealed he too has tested positive for COVID-19.

Yesterday, she shared a video of herself walking down the stairs to reunite with her family after being away from them for over two weeks.

In the clip, her family cheers for her as she comes down the staircase: “Came out of 16 days of isolation. I am grateful for my health. It was a brutal and scary time,” she wrote. “But I am one of the lucky ones.”

“And as I continue to recover I am struck by what has become the dehumanization of this plague,” she continued. “People are dying. People are suffering. People are hungry. People are scared.”

We’re so inspired by your close and beautiful family, Ali. We’re happy that you’re doing well.