Actress Who Voiced ‘Moana’ Comes Out As Bisexual

The actress who voiced the titular character in Disney’s Moana, Auli’i Cravalho, has come out as bisexual in a video posted on Tik Tok.

In a subtle move, Auli’i is seen lip-syncing to Eminem’s “Those Kinds Nights,” which outlines a conversation between a male protagonist and a woman who comes out as bisexual.

In the song, the speaker says they’re “checking out the chicks,” to which the woman responds, “So am I.” 

In case that wasn’t obvious enought, Twitter users started asking her in a more direct way.

“Hey queen ur doing great in importance of being earnest 😀 do u like girls,” one Twitter user asked, to which Cravalho replied: “If I may escort you to my tiktok.”

LOL! Wow. Well there you have it, folks. Congrats Auli’i. Welcome to the LGBTQ family.