Tori Spelling Criticized For Charging Money For Virtual Meetups

Nothing is getting in the way of Tori Spelling and her fans.

The Beverly Hills 90210 star recently promoted a virtual meet-and-greet for 20 lucky fans this week. Of course, it came with a catch: Each one has to pay $95!

Not long after the post, social media followers began criticizing the hefty price tag.

“Of course it’s $95 because during a Pandemic we all have that to spare what a bummer…,” one user wrote.

Another commented: “People are doing free concerts and you are charging? How about you do a lottery and do random pics for the winners!!! Please!”

Another noted: “Damn people are dying, and you still think how to gain money from us…what you were and what you became…”

Gah! Well, we know that Tori has been having financial difficulties lately but perhaps she’d be better off if she gave some proceeds to charity?

H/T: Page Six