Chris Cuomo Shares Chest X-Rays Amid COVID-19 Battle

CNN host Chris Cuomo has given an update on his ongoing battle with COVID-19.

“If you have coronavirus, in most of the cases, the big fear is that it’s going to get your lungs — that’s what it wants; it wants your lungs,” Chris told Dr. Sanjay Gupta during Cuomo Prime Time.

Chris said his fever went down over the weekend, but the virus has moved to his chest so he decided to get an X-ray to check on his lungs.

After showing Sanjay the X-rays, the doctor informed Chris there was a “little bit of fluid built up,” but not quite pneumonia.

“[Doctors] expect me to have infiltrate because I have the virus, and I have to tell you,” Chris said, “it is scary to have your lungs go up there and see this stuff and go, ‘Well, what is that? What is that, like, smoke in there?’ And they tell you, ‘Yeah, it’s the virus.’ ”

“It’s in there; it’s in you. You have to fight to keep it out,” added Chris, who said he is “doing fine” and practicing breathing exercises, per doctors’ orders.

Hang in there, Chris. It’s almost over.