Hoda Kotb Talks About Being Lonely During the Quarantine

Today show anchor Hoda Kotb became emotional as she opened up on battling loneliness amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hoda is living with her fiancé Joel Schiffman and their two young daughters.

“I do know what lonely feels like,” she told Page Six. “I spent most of my life by myself with the exception of the last six years, and I do have to say that with everything going on, to be able to turn the doorknob and have two kids yelling as if I’ve been gone for days is incredible.”

The host goes on to explain that she and Joel have planned a destination wedding for early fall — if the pandemic permits them, that is.

“We’ve actually had a lot of beautiful moments we wouldn’t have had,” she said of the quarantine. “The Today show is normally teeming with people. Even when I arrive there are people outside 30 Rock waiting for the show to start — they’ve made trips to come see us. But [now] there’s literally not a soul outside. I go into the studio and you can hear your footsteps echoing [because] there’s no one there.”

She added, “I do my hair with, like, a curling iron from the ’80s and really don’t lay eyes on anyone until Savannah pops up on the monitor.”

Wow. Honestly Hoda, you’re experiencing what many Americans are going through right now. On behalf of all of us, thank you for being so honest.

We love you, girl!