Don Lemon Bursts Into Tears Over Chris Cuomo’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

People are still coping with the fact that Chris Cuomo was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, and one of them is Chris’s colleague Don Lemon.

Don became emotional last night while talking about Chris after a segment with Bianna Golodryga discussing what people can do if they cannot pay their mortgages or rents. .

“I said I wasn’t going to do this,” Don said, wiping away tears. “He’s probably at home laughing at me. Chris and I are really good friends, we live near each other,” adding, “anyway, he’s not here, and we have this great relationship.”

He added, “He’s going to be fine, we have been talking all day and we are texting and he’s like, ‘People are treating me like I’m dying, I’m not dying.'”

It’s OK, Don. We’re all feeling it right now.