A Pissed Off Palace Employee Rants About Meghan Markle

Sussex House

A new report from the Daily Mail claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke off with the Queen over email, and that Harry has basically burned every bridge back at home.

What?! Well, we guess that’s what happens when you fall in love and decide to leave your palace for Los Angeles.

Even more, according to a clearly aggravated palace insider, little Archie has only met his cousins twice in his short life.

“One of the earliest signs that Meghan was determined to do it her way occurred when the Queen invited her to Chester after her wedding in June 2018,” the Mail wrote. “The Queen’s powerful personal assistant, Angela Kelly, sent a ­message that Her Majesty would be wearing a hat — polite Palace code for ‘you should be wearing one too’.  The message came back that Meghan preferred to go bareheaded.”

The insider added that Meghan would email staff at all hours of the night freaking out about clothing allowances and home renovations.

“People had bent over backwards,” they told the outlet. “They were given the wedding they wanted, house they wanted, office they wanted, the money they wanted, staff they wanted, tours they wanted and had the backing of their family. What more did they want?”

As we previously reported, the couple has apparently moved to the States for the time being.

‘The Queen doesn’t deserve to be treated in this way,” another source told the Mail. “It’s easy to say Harry and Meghan have made their bed, let them lie in it. But what they have done will have ramifications for possibly generations to come.”

Wow… dramatic much?