Dr. Ruth Gives Advice About Cyber Sex While in Self-Isolation

Dr. Ruth is warning single folks who are struggling with being alone during self-isolation.

The renowned sex expert advised to Page Six, “Don’t lose hope, things will get better,” adding, “Make sure you do something that is pleasurable and if you are alone, make sure that you decide when this is over you are going to find a partner.”

However, she does give a warning about the technology involved.

“We don’t know yet all the technology,” she said, “I would be very careful.” But, “If you do feel sexual, by all means bring yourself to sexual satisfaction.”

As for couples?

“Those people who have a partner are lucky because they have someone at home and if the relationship is good then this experience just makes it stronger,” she explained. “If the relationship is not so good then staying home together will not help. Don’t have expectations that we can’t fulfill,” adding, “Make sure you keep a good attitude about life and about sex.”

Oh, Ruth. What will we do without your wisdom?