Nick Lachey Rewrites “The Hardest Thing” While in Quarantine

Nick Lachey gave another take on the popular 98 Degrees song “The Hardest Thing” amid the ongoing coronavirus quarantine.

“We both know that we shouldn’t be here. This feels wrong. And baby it’s killing me, it’s killing you,” he sings in the tune, which was posted to Instagram.

“They’re telling us we gotta stay home, we got somewhere else to be, other friends to see,” he continued. “But if we go outside right now we might spread the disease. So I’ve made up my mind, I’m staying in the house. It’s time to quarantine ’cause staying safe is what it’s all about.”

He continues, “Yeah, it’s the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. To stay stuck in our house, just watching all this bad news. It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever had to try. To stay six feet apart when we go outside.”

“Nothing to do, no sports on TV. Washed my hands so much that they started to bleed. Damn this quarantine. It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do. But in the end it’s worth it. Together we will get through.”

Then, at the end, he added, “Stay safe, everybody.” How cute!

Just so you can see why we’re so obsessed, take a look at them back to back!