Laura Prepon Reveals She And Her Mom ‘Shared’ a Secret That They Had Bulimia

Laura Prepon wrote a new guide for moms called You & I, as Mothers, and the actress has never been more honest about the relationship with her own mother.

“In order to have a real conversation about motherhood, we need to talk about what’s really going on, the stresses, the anxieties, how we were mothered,” she told People magazine. “We need to share the truth.”

The star’s search for honestly led her to opening up about her own past.

“My mother taught me bulimia. It started when I was 15 and lasted until my late twenties,” she said. “I always thought of myself as this strong, confident woman, but it became a compulsion that would completely debilitate me.”

At 15 years old, Laura said she was “a healthy athletic kid.” However, when she went to a casting call at a modeling agency, she was told to lose 25 pounds.

“My mom started weighing me every morning and taking my measurements,” said Laura, who dropped to 105 pounds and remembers feeling how “proud” her mom was of her.

“That’s when she told me, ‘You can have your cake and eat it too,’” she added. “I knew exactly what she was talking about. It was a bonding thing we would do together. A shared secret.”

Wow. Well, it’s about time someone wrote a guidebook for mothers that’s raw, honest, and real. Thanks for opening up, Laura.