Fans Think Halsey and Evan Peters Have Split Up, Following Social Media Purge

Apparently, fans in the social media universe think Halsey and Evan Peters have split up after the singer removed all of their photos together from her accounts.

It was just last month that Halsey and Evan celebrated Valentine’s Day together in Ennetbuergen, Switzerland. But as of Monday, she had removed all of the photos they’d taken of themselves prior to that trip.

“Apparently you guys broke up,” one social media user wrote.

“What’s going on with you two can I have confirmation?” another added. “😫 She deleted her birthday post for Evan so it seems they aren’t together anymore.”

A massive debate ensued among her fans — some criticizing the way she treats breakups, others defending her for owning the narrative.

Regardless, social distancing may be causing some serious breakups. But so long as Halsey’s happy, we’re happy!