Russell Brand Is Staying in Rural Australia For the Time Being

Russell Brand just moved to Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia, after canceling a slew of concerts following the coronavirus outbreak.

“I happen to be in Australia at the moment and one of the biggest questions I’m confronting…is, ‘Oh wow, do we go back to the UK now? Or when?’ Where you’re from is where you’re from; it’s a tricky one isn’t it,” he said in a YouTube video for his fans.

He also noted that social media is now the only means left to communicate with the outside world, explaining, “Now, suddenly it [online] is the only option we’ve got.”

The comedian also addressed how his self-isolating challenges his own sobriety, a journey he’s been very public about.

“I’m a person that has to belong to support groups and communities to help with my numerous, much discussed and pretty bloody obvious mental health issues, primarily around addiction,” he said. “I like to meet other people with addiction issues or alcoholism issues and get support as I work a 12-step program.”

“Thankfully,” he explained, “there are online hook up groups, not hook up groups, that’s a different thing, that’s the old life, meet up groups, that’s much more my speed.”

We’re rooting for you, Russell.