Savannah Guthrie Anchors ‘Today’ From the Comforts of Her Basement

The Today show is having all kinds of remote work during the quarantine, which now includes Savannah Guthrie!

Savannah started the show this morning isolated at home after falling sick on the show. It was already reported that a staffer had been diagnosed with coronavirus.

“Now we’re really socially distancing, aren’t we,” she told co-host Hoda Kotb, who had said she “felt a little lonely” as she sat alone in NBC’s Studio 1A.

“Here’s what happened: I wasn’t feeling my best — a little sore throat, some sniffles,” Savannah said with a blue backdrop. “I wouldn’t have thought anything of it but we are in different times, aren’t we,” she added as she opened the morning show.

Savannah explained the decision to work from home was “in an abundance of caution” — but also helped “really model the vigilance the CDC is asking of all of us right now.”

As we previously reported, Al Roker and Craig Melvin revealed on Monday they would be skipping the studio after a staffer had tested positive for coronavirus.

Better safe than sorry!