Heidi Klum is Sick in Bed, and Unable to Get a Coronavirus Test

Heidi Klum is sick in bed, and taking extra health precautions out of fear that she may have the coronavirus.

The supermodel recently revealed on Instagram that she’s been absent from America’s Got Talent because of her illness.

While resting in her bed, she recorded a video saying that she is “not feeling good” and chose to “stay home to not infect any other people.”

“It started all with a chill, feeling feverish, cough, runny nose,” the model added of her symptoms. “I would love to do the corona test but there just isn’t one here. I’ve tried with two different doctors and I just can’t get one.”

Wow. If Heidi Klum can’t get a test, then we’re in trouble. For safety measures, remember, stay home if you’re not feeling well everyone.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.